The Avo Tree Face Oil: Why it’s great for every skin type

Who’d have thought that oil could be so good for your face? Hello, The Avo Tree Face Oil!

Well, maybe you already knew that. But those of us who have been blessed with oily, pimple-prone skin are often told to steer clear of oil-based products. Once upon a time (we’re talking a few decades ago) we were even told that any oil on your skin “gives you zits”. As recently as the ‘90s, there were dozens of skincare products – usually marketed at teenagers – designed to reduce oil on the skin and dry it out. This wasn’t always helpful!

We now know that our skin actually NEEDS oil – good oil, that is. Research has shown that the oils from fruits, nuts, and seeds can be incredibly nourishing for the skin, and can also provide a host of other benefits. In fact, a facial oil can support all skin types: teenage skin, oily skin, dry skin, and mature skin. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of The Avo Tree Face Oil and why it’s great for every skin type.

The Avo Tree Face Oil

Facial oil… and your face

Let’s explain a bit about the structure of your skin. The outer layer of your skin is made up of tough cells bound together by lipids – kind of like a wall made of bricks and mortar. Together, these act as a supportive barrier against harmful invaders.

Each skin cell is composed of keratin and natural lipids, including cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides. Your skin makes these oils and lipids in order to prevent water loss and maintain moisture levels. These lipids support the skin barrier and assist in the skin’s natural healing and repairing processes.

So, why add more oil?

A facial oil can work with your skin’s own natural oils and help keep them in balance. In fact, many plant oils can mimic those already within your skin and work with your own biology.

Best of all, plant oils can provide an extra level of protection for your skin, boosting barrier function and supporting cell integrity.

That’s why we created our amazing Face Oil.

What is the Avo Tree Face Oil?

This incredible little formula is bursting with prized plant oils and natural moisturisers.

First, there’s our hero ingredient – avocado oil.

Avocado oil is rich in all the best essential fatty acids: linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and oleic acid. Linoleic acid helps to repair the skin barrier and protect against inflammation, while oleic acid can help balance sensitive and acne-prone skin. Both of these essential fatty acids can help to replenish the lipid content of skin, restoring moisture and elasticity. Great for mature or dry skin!

Avocado oil is also rich in vitamin C, which is essential for building collagen (the main protein in skin) and dampening inflammation.

On top of all that nourishment, avocado also contains the antioxidant power of lutein and zeaxanthin. Antioxidants are a godsend for skin, especially when we’re constantly exposed to harsh UV rays. Studies show that the particular antioxidants in avocado oil may protect the skin from UV damage, while lutein can help reduce premature ageing.

But that’s only part of the magic!

Our Face Oil also contains a swathe of other superstars that deliver vitamin A, vitamin D, B-complex vitamins, and amino acids that feed the skin. Plus…

There’s blackcurrant seed oil and rosehip oil, each of which provide an extra dose of gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA is an excellent anti-inflammatory and especially helpful for treating dry, damaged, and mature skin. Along with other essential fatty acids, blackcurrant and rosehip both harbour powerful antioxidants that may help prevent skin ageing and wrinkles. Rosehip oil is especially famous for speeding skin repair and improving the appearance of scars.

Vitamin-rich wheat germ has been used for centuries to soften the skin and support the healing process. Raspberry seed oil is another wonderful moisturiser and emollient that helps to reduce the oxidative stress in skin while defending against UV damage.

And then there’s prickly pear seed oil (Opuntia ficus-indica). This wondrous oil contains more vitamin E than almost any other plant, along with nourishing omega 6 and 9, antioxidants, polyphenols, and amino acids. It even contains vitamin K, which can help suppress pigmentation such as dark spots and circles under the eyes.

So, there you have it: a beautiful NZ-made face oil with all the goods. We hope you love it as much as we do! Shop our Face Oil here.

Nourishing tip: Try pairing it with our Eye Cream and Night Cream for the ultimate evening skin ritual, your skin will love you for it! Find out more about our skincare routines here.

The Avo Tree Face Oil

Avocado Oil

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