We love avocados.
In fact, we can’t get enough of them – we eat ‘em,
drink ‘em, and put ‘em on our skin. And we make sure you can too.
Our love is nothing new though, so pull up a chair, and listen to the tale of one humble avocado company…

Fast-forward some years and a few roadside stall safety improvements, and our young entrepreneur is still hard at work, this time selling punnets of strawberries to save for his first car – a 1985 Toyota Corolla hatchback. He loved that car.
With a small pick of green goodness from his parents orchard and a basic website made by a mate...

The Avo Tree was born.
1 Month
You have to understand, avocados are all we really think about. While sweeping the pack house after a busy day of avocado orders, Sam thought, “What else would avos be good for?” Well, after a bit of research, it turns out a whole heap of things! This is one magic little fruit. Skincare and soaps – Sam even made a sweet face scrub with ground avocado seeds. He’s never looked younger.
Time flies! Next thing y’know we had our 100th orchard come on board (our growers are pretty special to us) and we welcomed two more members, Max and Viarni. We also sold our one-millionth avo to Rosemary Robinson from Vogeltown, New Plymouth. She was real stoked!
Once upon a time (well, in 1990) on State Highway 2 near the turnoff to Waihi Beach, a 2-year-boy named Thorley set up a roadside stall selling fresh tomatoes from his family’s orchard. Here, on the outskirts of Tauranga, a passion was born.
Thorley loved the fresh avos from his parent’s orchard and wanted to get these fresh, unsqueezed and delicious avocados straight to people's doors. Resources were pooled and he scaled his first – albeit dodgy – Hydralada. Next thing you know, Thorley’s parents said, “Go on then, come pick our avos.”
Wow, turns out people really love quality avocados. 40 boxes a week went to 40 boxes a day. Thorley was calling in mates, cousins, long-lost relatives… everyone was picking and packing and answering phone calls. A lad with a similar passion for avos called Sam joined the team as Thorley’s right hand man – and remains so to this day. Ahh, all the feels.
People don’t just love avocados, they looooove avocados. When delivered in perfect condition people couldn’t be happier, so they were telling friends and friends of friends and well, we just couldn’t keep up. So we left the ol’ shed… so many memories… for a bigger purpose-built one and the team grew from two to four. We welcomed Kale and Katie to The Avo Tree family.
5 years flew by quickly and it was time for something new! We took our passion for skincare to the next level and changed up our look. With a snazzy new website plus a fresh and clean new brand we released The Avo Tree Skin. 6 natural products all made right here in NZ with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, proudly stocked exclusively in Farmers store and online.