Packed full of goodness, avocados provide the perfect foundation for many of our daily wellness needs.

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Instant Renewal

Hydration Boost Serum
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Daily Hydration

Day Cream
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Soothes and Heals

Hand Cream
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Gentle Exfoliation

Facial Exfoliant
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Daily Essential
Day Cream
Avocado Oil with Cucumber and Aloe Vera for daily hydration.
Nourishes and protects for smoother, healthier skin.
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Blends with benefits
Avocado Leaf Tea
NZ Avocado leaves with natures best ingredients
Deliciously unique infusions to help support your overall wellbeing.
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Fresh avocados delivered to your door. Choose your schedule and never be caught short of avos.

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Avo Addict

5kg of Hass
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Avo Lover

2.5kg of Hass
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Large Hass Avocados

Box of 20
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Large Hass Avocados

Box of 10
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Support your overall
health & wellbeing
We combine the goodness of New Zealand avocado leaves with nature’s best ingredients, creating deliciously unique infusions
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Skincare, refined to
the essentials
The uses and benefits of avocados are endless — avocado oil is an absolute miracle oil for the skin. If the avocado is the wonder fruit, consider avocado oil the wonder juice.
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Superfood for your skin
We base our formulas around natural, proven active ingredients. All of our products harness the power of Cold Pressed Extra Virgin NZ Avocado oil, and are proudly made right here in New Zealand.
Plant Based
Cruelty Free
Cold Pressed

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Recipes & Nutrition

From paddock to plate — fresher is impossible. And as if we needed to prove it, we've gone ahead and handpicked our culinary faves to help whet your avótite.