Large Hass Avocados – Box of 10

Freshly hand-picked box of New Zealand’s creamiest large Hass avocados. Never cool stored, with handling kept to a minimum, these fruit are quite literally direct from The Avo Tree. Your avos will arrive unripe, nestled in a bed of wood wool ready to ripen. Inside your box you’ll find all the tips and tricks to get the best out of your fruit, or read all you need to know on our ripening tips page.


$14.70 ($1.47 ea)

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Not sure which box to choose? At The Avo Tree we love smothering our toast in delicious avocado, here is what sizes we use on our toast to give you a hand at choosing the perfect size and amount for you:

1 Mini avo = 1 piece of toast

1 Medium avo = 2 pieces of toast

1 Large avo = 3 pieces of toast

1 Jumbo avo = 4 pieces of toast

*Nature can be unpredictable! So in the unusual circumstance that we cannot provide the correct size for this number of fruit, we will always add 1-2 more to make sure you still receive the same overall weight of avocado. Being seasonal produce, please note prices will fluctuate throughout the season. For more info about our sizes and all things avo please see our FAQs page.

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(27 customer reviews)

27 reviews for Large Hass Avocados – Box of 10

  1. Mandy O'Sullivan

    mandy.osullivan (verified owner)

    Like a beautiful treasure box, my avocadoes arrived very quickly after I had placed my order. They had to travel to the South Island and arrived in perfect condition. I have had to exercise great patience while waiting for them to ripen but it has been worth it. They are absolutely gorgeous and well worth ordering. I have been savouring each and every one of them. I will be definitely placing another order for myself and an order as a surprise for another avocado lover.

  2. Beracah Liu

    beracahliu (verified owner)

    the best avocados! super quick delivery and way better than the supermarket

  3. Kirstin OBrien

    Kirstin OBrien (verified owner)

    Such a treat the receive these beauties in their wood wool bed. We waited patiently for a few days and then enjoyed all the avo goodness from the Avo Tree avocados. Have ordered more! Fantastic from website to plate 🙂 🥑


    JENNY BROMHEAD (verified owner)

    Love these avocados! Have them on toast for breakfast, yummy and healthy.Good price, excellent quality, speedy delivery! A+ ,Will definitely be ordering more ,told all my friends and family.

  5. Lakshmi Rajagopal

    rlakmi (verified owner)

    Amazing fresh taste, loved it and willing to place another order. Delicious & yummy.

  6. Josefina Telleria

    Josefina Telleria (verified owner)

    Super speed delivery.
    Yum avos.
    I am putting another order right now 💚

  7. Josefina Telleria

    Josefina Telleria (verified owner)

    Super speed delivery.
    Yum avos.
    I am putting another order right now 🙂

  8. Josefina Telleria

    Josefina Telleria (verified owner)

    Súper speed delivery.
    Yum avos.
    I’m putting another order right now 🙂

  9. Isabella Woolley

    Isabella Woolley (verified owner)

    Perfect avocados!!! Speedy delivery and the avos were all a great size, just need to be patient for them to ripen! Loved the packaging and everything too.

  10. Anna Williams

    Anna Williams (verified owner)

    Love the Avo Tree. Always the perfect Avocado!

  11. Erin Cranfield

    Erin Cranfield (verified owner)

    They actually all ripened at slightly different times to each other so we had a steady flow of avo for days. All in perfect condition.

  12. Lesley Ruki-Willison

    Lesley Ruki-Willison (verified owner)

    Packaging, service and product are all perfect! Very difficult to get the same quality as these beauties in the shop – every single avo I cut into was perfection.

  13. Lynnette Ballantine

    Lynnette Ballantine (verified owner)

    Such wonderful fruit. Excellent service. This is the best gift I can give to my son-in-law. He has everything or can afford to buy it. Living in the deep south it is often difficult to get good avocados. Sending a box of avocados to Dunedin is so easy and gives such a lot of pleasure.

  14. Tanya Allison

    Tanya Allison (verified owner)

    Brought our first box and they were perfect. Will be ordering another very soon,
    Thanks Guys

  15. Kara Thorby

    Kara Thorby (verified owner)

    The Avo Tree avos are the best we have had. Delivered to the gate it was worth the wait for them to ripen. We are now devoted followers 💚

  16. Linda Porter

    Linda Porter (verified owner)

    Excellent avos. Fresh, large, and tasty. If you love avos, definitely try these.

  17. Linda Porter

    Linda Porter (verified owner)

    Excellent avos. Large, fresh, and tasty. Have bought them from the supermarket in the past, and have always been disappointed by the taste and quality. If you love avos, you can’t go wrong with The Avo Tree.

  18. Joycelyn Earnshaw

    Joycelyn Earnshaw (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have purchased Avocados online. The avocados were amazing. Far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be purchasing from The Avo Tree again.

  19. Joycelyn Earnshaw

    Joycelyn Earnshaw (verified owner)

    This is the first time I have purchased Avocados online. The Avo Tree are amazing. Far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be purchasing from them again.

  20. Jessamine Snowball

    Jessamine Snowball (verified owner)

    These avocados are amazing! The service was super quick arrived day after purchasing. Would definitely recommend to everyone.

  21. Michele Davies

    picada (verified owner)

    Shipped these as a gift to my 88 year old Mum in Auckland. She was absolutely over the moon as her diet restrictions are so strict and this is one beautiful fruit she can enjoy.
    Thanks a million from my Mum Margaret!

  22. Tania Stockwell

    Tania Stockwell (verified owner)

    Consistent, fantastic quality delivered to my door. These avos are much fresher and tastier than what we get stuck with from the supermarkets.

  23. Alison Wood

    Alison Wood (verified owner)

    These avocados are the best! The only issue I have is trying to be patient until they are perfectly ripe

  24. Talia Shadbolt

    Talia Shadbolt (verified owner)

    Love these delicious avocados! Always far tastier & superior than supermarket avocados, great for a snack for my wee babe & on toast to start the day right✅

  25. Mark Luo

    ccesmark (verified owner)

    Very fresh and delicious avos, just need to be a little bit patient for ripening since it is winter!

  26. Gwen Taquet

    gwenshannontaquet (verified owner)

    10 beautiful gems arrive at your doorstep! Perfectly packaged and ready for the family to enjoy. Creamy and delicious without any flaws. Way better than what you get at any supermarket. I just love the creams too!!!

  27. Joel Larsen

    Joel Larsen (verified owner)

    Simply the best avocados! So much tastier and creamier than the supermarket avos. Delicious!

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