Can you freeze an avo? How long till it's ripe? Where do avos come from? Where's Wally? For answers to life's most perplexing questions, look no further...

What is the season for Hass avocados?

Hass avocados are typically in season in New Zealand between July to March, with the main harvest season running from August to February. March through May we have Reeds available so you never have to miss out on avo! *Reeds available while stocks last

What is the best time to buy avocados?

The best time to buy Hass avocados in New Zealand is between July to March when they’re fresh and in season. Fresh, in-season avocados have the best flavour and texture when compared to cool stored avocados. We never cool store our fruit, so you’ll only receive fresh, high-quality avocados when shopping with us.

What is the average price of avocados?

Like any seasonal produce, Avocado prices fluctuate throughout the season due to seasonal supply and demand. Just like side-of-the-road suppliers, our Hass & Reed avocado prices range from $0.85 to $4 a pop depending on your chosen fruit and box size and the time of season. Note that when starting a subscription prices will fluctuate all season.

Where do NZ avocados come from?

All the avocados we eat in New Zealand are grown right here in New Zealand. New Zealand avocados are grown in warmer climates, so you’ll find most avocado orchards in the Bay of Plenty and Northland. The orchards we pick from are all located in the Bay of Plenty.

How will my avocados arrive?

Your avocados will arrive freshly picked from the tree, meaning they’ll be unripe. Your box comes with tips on how to ripen them to perfection based on the date they were picked. We package each and every avocado safely in a nest of Purewood wood wool—the safest way to avoid any bruising along the way.

Will my avocados arrive at different ripening stages?

No—they’ll all arrive at the same ripeness. That’s because we pick, pack and send our avocados as quickly as possible to maintain the freshness. Worried you’ll have to eat them all at once? Don’t be! Follow our simple avocado ripening tips and discover how easy it is to store your fruit for perfect-every-time avocados every day.

Why do you deliver unripe avocados that aren’t ready to eat?

Unripe avocados are less likely to suffer any bruising in transit. They’ll have their chance to ripen from the comfort of your fruit bowl. Early on in the season, we pick avocados well in advance to avoid any wait times.

How long does it take avocados to ripen?

Like a lot of fruit, avocados are affected by their environment. It also depends on the time of year they were picked. Head over to our avocado ripening page and check out our avocado ripening chart for exact ripening times each month. Use the ‘date picked’ stamp on your box for easy reference.

REEDS: Reeds do not change colour when ripening, they remain green even when fully ripe. Ripening times are currently about 4-6 days from the pick-date on your box. Keep an eye on them and use soft touch to indicate when they are ready to eat. When they yield to gentle pressure, cut open and enjoy!

Can you freeze avocado?

Yes! Ripe avocado can be frozen in halves, chunks, mashed or puréed. Add lemon juice and seal the avocado in a tight container to minimise browning. Alternatively, pop the whole avocado in the freezer, peel and all, and lock in the freshness for up to 4-6 months. Thawed avocado tastes a little bit different to fresh, with a smoother and oilier texture. Perfect for smoothies!

What’s the difference between each of your avocado sizes?

When it comes to avocado sizes, we’re all about options. Each box contains a certain number of variously sized avocados, each within the determined weight range listed below. Occasionally we need to pack slightly smaller fruit. When this happens, we’ll always add extra fruit to the box to bring the total weight of the box back up to where it should be.


Mini avo = 130g – 160g
Medium avo = 160g – 220g
Large avo = 220g – 290g
Jumbo avo = 290g+

Please note these are the picked weights when avocados are unripe. You can allow for 10-20% weight reduction as these go from unripe to semi to fully ripe.


Mini avo = 160g – 180g
Small avo = 180g – 220g
Medium avo = 220g – 260g
Large avo = 260g – 300g
Jumbo avo = 300g – 400g

I don’t know how to estimate in grams. Can you tell me more about the sizes?

Let’s use something we all know and love as a point of reference—avocado on toast! The Avo Tree team isn’t shy when it comes to our portion sizes, so keep in mind you may use less than us. Here’s our guide to our avocado sizes using a piece of Vogels toast.

1 Mini avocado = 1 piece of toast
1 Medium avocado = 2 pieces of toast
1 Large avocado = 3 pieces of toast
1 Jumbo avocado = 4 pieces of toast

What are Reed avocados?

The Reed avocado is one of the largest known varieties of avocado. The round fruit is about the size of a softball, and can easily weigh more than 300 grams. Its thick, green, slightly pebbled skin is easy to peel, and its flesh is a pale golden-yellow colour. The texture is buttery, and the flavour is bold and rich.

REEDS: Reeds do not change colour when ripening, they remain green even when fully ripe. Ripening times are about 7-9 days from the pick-date on your box. Keep an eye on them and use soft touch to indicate when they are ready to eat. When they yield to gentle pressure, cut open and enjoy!

When are Reed avocados in season?

Reeds are generally available between March-June each year. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when these creamy, buttery avocados will be back in stock.

Is your packaging compostable/recyclable?

Yes. Our box and its contents are 100% recyclable or compostable.

Where are the products made?

All of our formulations and products are made by a trusted contract manufacturer, right here in NZ.

Where can I test & purchase the products in store?

We are proudly stocked in selected Farmers stores. Head to our stockist locator to find out where!

Do you have samples?

Being sustainable with packaging is important to us, which is why we are still in the process of finding a sustainable option for smaller sample sizes instead of producing new plastic. If you want to test products head to your closest Farmers store.

Do they contain nuts?

In short, yes they can contain nuts. There are oils that are present in our formulations that are sourced from nuts, like sweet almond. Our manufacturing facility also uses a variety of nut sourced ingredients, so we cannot guarantee nut free status on any product. For any nut allergy, please consult your health professional before use and we always recommend patch testing first (at your own risk) after thoroughly reading ingredients.

What is your packaging made from?

Our skincare vessels are different types of recyclable plastic and glass. The Eye cream, Cleanser & Exfoliator are airless plastic tubes with a cap, all 100% recyclable in NZ.  The Day & Night Cream are made with Renewable sugarcane plastic pots – a much more sustainable version of plastic & 100% recyclable in NZ. The face oil bottle is recyclable glass and dropper. Our carton packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Are these tested on animals?

No, The Avo Tree will never test on animals.

What are the benefits of Avocado oil?

You can read all about this superfood for your skin on our skincare blog

Does The Avo Tree offer this?

We offer a 15% discount off market price for our subscribers. If you are a business that needs an avo supply – we suggest the 40 or 60 box subscription which you can set to deliver weekly, fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly.

The box size I want isn’t available right now. Why’s that?

We pick from several different lifestyle orchards throughout the week. Sometimes, the orchard we’re picking has lots of big fruit, so our Large and Jumbo sizes will be in stock. Other times, the orchard will have an abundance of Mini and Medium-sized fruit, so we can’t supply our bigger sizes. We try to have all sizes available at all times, but sometimes it’s just not possible. If you’re hankering for a specific fruit size, try another box or wait until they’re back online. Better yet, subscribe and you’ll never miss out! Our subscribers get first priority for their preferred fruit size.

How do I use a promo code?

Ooh, lucky you! To redeem a promo code, simply enter the code into the discount code box at checkout and be sure to click ‘apply’

Do you offer discounts?

We provide seasonal offers and discounts exclusively to our email marketing list. Sign up to our email list and discover a whole new world of benefits!

I ordered the wrong item! Can I change it?

No worries! If your order hasn’t shipped yet, you can request to change it by filling in our enquiry box on the contact page. Unfortunately, once your order has been shipped, we’re unable to make any changes.

I haven’t received an order confirmation. What do I do?

If you haven’t received an email confirmation within 2 hours of placing your order, please check your promotions or junk folder or reach out to us by filling in our enquiry box on the contact page.

Can I send an avocado gift voucher to my avocado-obsessed friend?

You sure can! We have avocado gift vouchers available for purchase, which you can email to a friend or print off to add to your card! You can also add a gift card to any avo box to make it a present.

How are avocados transported?

Our avocados are carefully transported by our trusted courier partner, NZ Post. We hand pack our avocados in a box, nestled safely in Purewood woodwool to avoid bruising.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

As a general rule, we aim for 1-3 days depending on where you live and when you place your order. If you place your order before midday on a weekday, our super-efficient team will have your avocados picked, packed and shipped on the same day.

For North Island deliveries, you can expect your box to arrive on the next working day. For South Island addresses, you can expect your box to arrive in two working days. For rural deliveries, we aim to have your order delivered within three working days.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping prices vary depending on your location and the weight of the box. Shipping starts at $3.25 for North Island deliveries and $6.99 for South Island deliveries. Shipping costs are automatically calculated at checkout based on your address and order details, not included in the box price. Please note rural delivery will be an additional cost and calculated at checkout.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been processed, we’ll send you an email with your NZ Post tracking number. You can use this number to track your order with NZ Post.

My order hasn’t arrived within the expected timeframe. What do I do?

We aim to deliver all orders within 1-3 business days. If your order hasn’t arrived within 3 days, please fill in our enquiry box on the contact page. We’ll make sure your avos get to you ASAP. If lost or heavily delayed for any reason we will arrange a replacement.

There’s something wrong with my order. What can I do?

If your order is damaged, unsatisfactory, or isn’t what you ordered, please fill in our enquiry box on the contact page. Our customer support person will respond within 24 hours to remedy the issue.

If I order more than one box will it come together?

Our boxes are designed to fit our various avocado sizes and amounts specifically so they are snug and safe in their bed of wood wool. Shipping cannot be combined on orders of multiple box sizes and/or varieties. Because we pick to order, it means there might be a time difference between all of your boxes being collected, this generally only happens when ordering Hass & Reed together as these come from different orchards which we pick day to day. However if you order two different Hass boxes there may still be a slight time difference in between them being collected as they are packed separately then await the next courier. You will receive seperate tracking emails to confirm the collection of all your boxes.

How does an avocado subscription work?

An avocado subscription is the most convenient way to enjoy fresh, high-quality avocados ongoing. With a subscription to The Avo Tree, you’ll receive an automatic recurring delivery to your home, office, or hospitality venue as often as you like. You can choose the box size, dispatch day and frequency that suits you, and pause or cancel at any time.

How often do you deliver avocados?

We offer subscriptions of weekly, fortnightly, tri-weekly or monthly avocados. And if you change your mind, you can edit this at any time in your My Avo Tree account.

How can I change my dispatch day?

Updating your dispatch day is easy. Simply log in to your My Avo Tree account then click on the ‘subscription’ tab on the left hand side. All editable options for your sub are under this tab.

How do I change my box size?

Updating your box is easy. Simply log in to your My Avo Tree account then click on the ‘subscription’ tab on the left hand side. All editable options for your sub are under this tab.

Can I change my frequency?

Updating your frequency is easy. Simply log in to your My Avo Tree account then click on the ‘subscription’ tab on the left hand side. All editable options for your sub are under this tab.

I’ve moved, or I’m going away to the bach! Can my avos come too?

No one likes to go without avo on toast, especially on holiday. You can update your subscription delivery address by logging in to your My Avo Tree account then clicking on the ‘subscription’ tab on the left hand side. All editable options for your sub are under this tab.

How do I pause my avocado subscription?

Pausing your sub is easy. Simply log in to your My Avo Tree account then click on the ‘subscription’ tab on the left hand side. All editable options for your sub are under this tab.

Can I cancel my avocado subscription?

Cancelling your sub is easy. Remember you can skip a week, pause, change your box or update your frequency to suit you better. Simply log in to your My Avo Tree account then click on the ‘subscription’ tab on the left hand side. All editable options for your sub are under this tab.

Why do prices fluctuate throughout the season?

Like any other fruit, avocados go in and out of season. And just like other produce retailers, our prices fluctuate with supply and demand. Avocado prices are slightly higher at the start of the season, and will gradually decline as the season progresses. If you ever want to check the price of your order before it goes out, log in to your My Avo Tree account before your regular dispatch day and click

How do I sign up to your email list?

Sign up at the bottom of our home page.

How can I contact The Avo Tree?

Fill in our enquiry box on the contact page. Or reach out to us at