Avo Addict Box – 5kg of Hass

Love good value for money? Say hello to our Avo Addict 5kg avocado box! This set weight avocado box will arrive every time with 5kg of fresh Hass avocados ready for ripening. With orchards yielding different sizes every pick, each box will be made up of Medium, Large or Jumbo fruit – sometimes a mix!

You can rest easy knowing that the same amount of avo is arriving to your door each time, but let nature pick the sizes for you. Because we can pack the surplus of certain fruit sizes into your box – you will be getting the best bang for buck on deliciously fresh avocados. See more info on sizing below!


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Freshly hand-picked avocado box of New Zealand’s creamiest avocados. Never cool stored, with handling kept to a minimum, these fruit are quite literally direct from The Avo Tree. Your avos will arrive unripe, nestled in a bed of wood wool ready to ripen. Inside your box you’ll find all the tips and tricks to get the best out of your fruit, or read all you need to know on our Ripening tips page.

Each individual box will be different but some variations you can expect for this box may be:

Box of 26 Mediums

Box of 20 Large

Box of 16 Jumbo

Or a mix of these sizes equalling to 5kg (picked)

*Please note these are just examples and each individual box will differ based off the combined weight ranges in our FAQs.


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(11 customer reviews)

11 reviews for Avo Addict Box – 5kg of Hass

  1. Jo Parkin

    Jo Parkin (verified owner)

    Love how I can manage my avocados ripeness myself and how I’ve not had a bad avocado yet. So much better than buying from the supermarket!

  2. Wendy Wood

    Wendy Wood (verified owner)

    These are such good value – every one is a perfect avocado, lovely and creamy.

  3. Shanna Jeram

    Shanna Jeram (verified owner)

    Love, love love these avocado’s, not one was bad. Great value for money and so delicious. My girls just love avocado’s and will eat at least one a day.

  4. Rebecca Hagen

    Rebecca Hagen (verified owner)

    Upgraded to the 5kg box this month. Beautiful avos, fast delivery. Perfect every time. 5 stars from me

  5. Bianca Baillie

    biancabaillie1 (verified owner)

    The best avos ever!!

  6. Bianca Baillie

    biancabaillie1 (verified owner)

    Love ordering from the avo tree!

  7. Bianca Baillie

    biancabaillie1 (verified owner)

    Love ordering from the avo tree! Perfect avos every time! Only place to order!

  8. Bronwyn Webster

    bmwebster01 (verified owner)

    Perfect. Loads of good sized, blemish-free, green avos. They all ripened beautifully and there were no nasty stringy bits. I’ve just ordered my next box. Wish I had known if this before lockdown.

  9. Roger Thompson

    Roger Thompson (verified owner)

    This was our first 5kg box. A pleasant surprise. All good medium size, ripened well, and lasted well. Second box now on order.

  10. Sally McGregor

    sallyannmcgregor (verified owner)

    Just love The Avo Tree! We were delighted to find our 5kg box was in fact 6kg! Can’t wait for them to ripen. I know they will be perfect on the inside as they always are. I’m never buying avos from the supermarket again. Thanks!

  11. Carolyn Stephens

    Carolyn Stephens (verified owner)

    Love all the avocados we purchase from The Avo Tree. This Addict Box is perfect for us as it has a range of sizes to suit our different needs. Every avocado has been delicious. All are good to eat – even a week or so after ripening (as long as you keep them in the fridge).

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