Mini Hass Avocados – Box of 30

Freshly hand-picked box of New Zealand’s creamiest avocados. Never cool stored, with handling kept to a minimum, these fruit are quite literally direct from The Avo Tree. Your avos will arrive unripe, nestled in a bed of wood wool ready to ripen. Inside your box you’ll find all the tips and tricks to get the best out of your fruit, or read all you need to know on our ripening tips page.


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Not sure which box to choose? At The Avo Tree we love smothering our toast in delicious avocado, here is what sizes we use on our toast to give you a hand at choosing the perfect size and amount for you:

1 Mini avo = 1 piece of toast

1 Medium avo = 2 pieces of toast

1 Large avo = 3 pieces of toast

1 Jumbo avo = 4 pieces of toast

*Nature can be unpredictable! So in the unusual circumstance that we cannot provide the correct size for this number of fruit, we will always add 1-2 more to make sure you still receive the same overall weight of avocado. Being seasonal produce, please note prices will fluctuate throughout the season. For more info about our sizes and all things avo please see our FAQs page.

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for Mini Hass Avocados – Box of 30

  1. Linda Hall (verified owner)

    I was so excited after placing my order for your mini’s. The delivery exceeded my expectations! They were packed with love as nestled in their straw beds. I love the fact I can ripen as required…no waste nor having to throw them out due to being over ripe. I am so pleased I acted and placed an order after seeing your ad on Facebook.. thanks very much

  2. Judy Adams (verified owner)

    Awesome have next batch in bag with apple rippening some for me,,some for the family coz sharing is caring and who wouldnt luff a few Avo’s and i will have some to freeze ☺️thanx Avo tree 1 happy Mumma here and i’ll be back great service and yummy avos 👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜

  3. David Turner (verified owner)

    It was like Christmas when our box arrived with our delicious avo’s nestled in their packing.
    All were in top-notch condition and sooooo good to eat. The size. was perfect for us and like Oliver Twist, “Please Sir, can I have some more?”

  4. Megan Applegate (verified owner)

    I love ordering minis. They arrive firm and perfect and I can take a few out of the fridge at a time to ripen. They don’t take long to ripen and then they are perfect for a single serve so you don’t end up with half avocados going brown in the fridge. The perfect way to purchase avos.

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