Fresh To Death Avocado Sanga

As the we near the end of the Avo season, the Avos that are left truly are the growers choice. They have a huge amount of dry-matter (less water) which makes them deliciously creamy and oh so rich. This little number works well at heroing those big Avo flavors using the summery freshness of cucumber, mozzarella and sprouts. This we recipe wee found is basic but fresh!

Serves: 1

2 pieces of your favourite kind of toast
1 big scoop avocado flesh
Freshly ground pepper
Flaky sea salt
Red pepper Pesto (Homemade if you can!!)
A few very thin rounds cucumber
A few slices tomatillo
2 thick slices fresh mozzarella
Small handful spinach leaves
Sprouts (Again, Home sprouted is best!)
Lemon juice

On one slice, create the perfect avocado toast. Smash your Avo and spread from end to end, and then sprinkle with freshly ground pepper, sea salt, and a serious hit of red pepper flakes. On the other slice, spread a layer of pesto.

Distribute the fillings between the two individually bits of toast, pile your fillings: small cucumber rounds, big crunchy slices of tomatillo and creamy cool rounds of fresh mozzarella, a splay of spinach leaves, a little heap of sprouts and a squeeze of fresh Lemon. Smash everything together and voila.

Recipe: Food52


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