The Avo Tree Wholesale Subscriptions. What you need to know...

All box sizes below consist of our freshly picked Medium size avocados (a mix of 160-220g). Each box will have its own date picked stamp & includes ripening tips to make sure you get the best out of your avos.

Prices are GST inclusive but are subject to availability and will fluctuate throughout the season. Shipping will be calculated based on units & location. Prices decrease as units ordered increase & you can enjoy 14 day deferred payment with Go Cardless.

These avos are sent unripe, straight from the tree & never cool-stored or double handled. Ready to ripen to perfection, they are nestled safely in compostable wood wool. To avoid bruising and ensure perfect-every-time fruit, we never pack more than 60 avos into one box to avoid crushing.

Subscriptions are automatically recurring and can be set to weekly or fortnightly deliveries. Subs can be edited, paused, skipped or cancelled at anytime.

Apply below for current pricing and more details...