Your morning and nighttime skincare routine, explained

Chances are, you already have a skincare routine that you follow morning and night (we hope!) But did you know that your skin’s needs in the morning are actually quite different to your skin’s needs at night? 

To get the most out of your skincare, your morning routine should be a little different to your routine at night. But don’t fret, it doesn’t have to be complicated. While all skin is a little different, the following is a great place to start.


The Morning Routine

The purpose of the morning skincare routine is to create a clean, hydrated complexion and protect your skin while you’re out and about. 

Morning skincare routine


Step 1: Cream Cleanser

A gentle cream cleanser should refresh the skin without stripping it, and leave your skin feeling clean, soft and balanced. Our Cream Cleanser with Avocado Oil with Elderberry & Manuka Honey also helps to fight blemishes and boost radiance thanks to the powerful blemish-fighting properties of Manuka honey and free-radical-fighting actives in elderberries.


Step 2: Eye Cream

As the next step in your morning routine, a good eye cream helps to brighten the delicate skin under your eyes and reduce puffiness, helping you to look refreshed and awake to take on the day. Our Eye Cream with Avocado Oil with Bee Venom & Grape Seed Oil is enriched with age-defying antioxidants, plus rejuvenating omega-6 and vitamin E, avocado oil to help strengthen and regenerate skin that enhances the natural beauty of your eyes.


Step 3: Day Cream

A nourishing day cream is essential for locking in moisture and helping your skin to stay smooth, hydrated and healthy all day long. Our Day Cream Avocado Oil with Cucumber & Aloe Vera is powered by nourishing avocado oil, which is rich in vitamins A, D & E to soften and rejuvenate skin, while protecting against free radical damage. 


Step 4: Your Favourite SPF

SPF isn’t just essential on beach days, wearing sunscreen daily is one of the easiest—and most important—ways to protect your skin at any age. Apply your pick as the final step of your morning skincare routine to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, even on cloudy days.



The Night Time Routine

Your nighttime skincare routine should focus on removing makeup and SPF, and repairing and rejuvenating your skin while you sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

Night time skincare routine


Step 1: Cream Cleanser

First things first you’ll want to take off the day with a gentle cream cleanser to remove all traces of sunscreen and makeup. Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle yet effective cream cleanser, such as our Cream Cleanser with Avocado Oil with Elderberry & Manuka Honey.


Step 2: Exfoliant

For a deeper cleanse, adding in a gentle exfoliant a few times a week helps to lift dead skin cells and revive and nourish skin beneath it.This also allows your active ingredients to penetrate deeper and work harder – win! Our Facial Exfoliant with Avocado Oil, Kiwifruit & Ground Avocado Seed delivers a powerful line-up of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, D, E & K to gently buff and brighten the skin to leave you with a healthy, even-looking complexion.


Step 3: Eye Cream

Like a gentle cleanser, eye cream is best used twice daily, to keep the eye area nourished and hydrated day and night. The bee venom in our Eye Cream with Avocado Oil with Bee Venom & Grape Seed Oil works to stimulate collagen production while you sleep, the key to maintaining healthy, youthful skin.


Step 4: Night Cream

A good night cream is worth its weight in gold. Best applied to cleansed and gently exfoliated skin, night cream repairs and replenishes skin while you sleep. Our bestselling Night Cream with Avocado Oil, Carrot Seed Oil & Vinanza Performance Plus® is intensely rejuvenating, loaded with vitamins A, C, E & K from avocado and carrot seed oil as well as Vinanza Performance Plus® – an advanced antioxidant-rich blend of kiwifruit and grape seeds that’s scientifically shown to improve moisture and reduce redness.


Step 5: Face Oil

Contrary to what we may have been told about oils, a high quality facial oil really is the elixir of a healthy complexion. A few drops patted into the skin as the final step of your night time routine helps to lock in the goodness from your other products, strengthen the skin and reduce fine lines. Our Face Oil with Avocado Oil, Blackcurrant & Pear contains naturally active antioxidants that help brighten and energise the skin, while preventing cell damage. It’s seriously hard working.


The natural guide to skincare antioxidants

skincare antioxidants

Antioxidants are the most potent player in the skincare game.

Not only do they fight free radicals—the number one skin-aging agent—promoting brighter, more vibrant skin, but they also help to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and keep skin looking fresh and dewy all day long.

The benefits of antioxidants for the skin

Dermatologists have heralded antioxidants as the “fountain of youth for skin”, and it’s little wonder why. Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, a chemical reaction caused by free radicals and environmental aggressors like UV and pollution.

Antioxidants work to repair the skin by fighting the process of oxidation, reducing inflammation and correcting visible damage.

And the best part? Antioxidants can be sourced from natural ingredients, making it easier than ever to fight free radicals and aging naturally.

Antioxidant-rich skincare ingredients

Avocado oil

Avocados are a rich source of antioxidants, and dermatologists have long loved the oil of the fruit as a tonic for the skin. Avocado oil is a fatty-acid emollient and is the most moisturising of all oils. It’s no surprise that it’s the star ingredient in each of the products in The Avo Tree Skin range. For maximum antioxidant benefits, make sure to source unrefined, cold-pressed avocado oil.


Pear is rich in Vitamin C, also known as L-absorbic acid, a highly effective antioxidant known to improve the appearance of aging skin with prolonged use. It plays a significant role in the reduction of photo-damage caused by harmful UVB rays. The powerful natural antioxidants in pear have the potency to mop up free radicals and minimise skin cell damage. Pear also encourages skin toning, leaving skin feeling and looking fresh all day long.

Prevent cell damage with pear in our Face Oil


Blackcurrants are known to have more antioxidants than any other berry. Naturally enriched with antioxidants flavonoids and anthocyanins (which give berries their dark colour), blackcurrants have exceptionally potent antioxidant activity as well as other health-promoting qualities. They also carry Vitamin C, another impressive antioxidant-rich ingredient known to fight free radicals and slow the process of aging.

Brighten and energise skin with blackcurrant in our Face Oil.

Avocado seed

Avocado seeds are rich in potent antioxidants and phytochemicals and have a natural antibacterial effect that helps dissolve impurities and excess oil, leaving the skin feeling fresh and healthy for a brighter, more refined complexion. The antibacterial properties in avocado seeds help to fight acne and neutralise different microorganisms.

Buff away dead skin cells and dissolve impurities with the avocado seeds in our Exfoliant.

Grape seed oil

Grape seed oil contains skin-supportive nutrients like vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant and our strongest defence against free radicals. Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties protect the skin from various UV effects by acting as a free radical scavenger. This incredible oil is also rich in proanthocyanidin, a strong flavenoid with potent antioxidant activity. This powerful active helps reduce hyperpigmentation and control the skin’s inflammatory system, which may help reduce the redness and soreness of acne, eczema and rosacea.

Brighten and firm delicate under eyes with grape seed oil in our Eye Cream.


Infused with innate anti-aging and free-radical-fighting properties, the potent antioxidants in elderberries keep your skin looking fresh and radiant for longer. Elderberry is naturally enriched with flavonoids and anthocyanins which deliver powerful protection against free radicals while boasting skin-soothing effects thanks to naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Renew moisture and fight free radicals with elderberry in our Cream Cleanser.

Manuka honey

New Zealand manuka honey has long been touted for its strong antioxidant properties, providing higher antioxidant-rich properties when compared to other varieties of honey. Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties sweep away dead cells and deeply clean the skin, while the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral benefits prevent blemishes while calming and soothing skin.

Fight blemishes naturally with manuka honey in our Cream Cleanser

3 ways to naturally increase collagen production

collagen production

Collagen production. Let’s talk about it.

Every so often a skincare trend will sweep through beauty circles, prompting skincare giants and dermatologists to pump funding into the discovery of the next one-stop wonder cure.

The collagen craze

Love it or loath it, we’re in the midst of a collagen craze, with the quest for plump, youthful-looking skin a hot commodity.

But while the market teems with collagen injections and fillers promising to deliver smooth, supple skin, scientists are pouring research into harnessing the power of natural ingredients like never before. Women are also starting to embrace a more natural approach to aging and beauty.

What is collagen?

You’ve had collagen in your skin since the day you were born. It’s the stuff that makes your skin resilient, firm, and elastic. It’s the reason the skin doesn’t wrinkle when we use our facial muscles.

But your skin stops producing it from around the age of 30 and decreases even more in menopausal women. As we age, cell turnover also decreases, meaning our skin lacks that glow and plumpness we had when we were younger.

With a decrease in collagen production, we start to notice the common signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

You can test your skin’s collagen by pressing your finger into your cheek and checking to see whether it left an indent. If it doesn’t, this means your skin has good collagen production and resilience.

Best natural skincare ingredients for collagen production

Before you invest hundreds of dollars into collagen-infused skincare, understand this important fact; collagen molecules are too dense to permeate the skin’s layers.

Instead of slathering our skin with the stuff, it’s better to kickstart your skin cells by using collagen-stimulating ingredients that will allow your cells to start producing collagen on their own.

Here, we look at some of the best natural ingredients for stimulating collagen production.


1. Avocado Oil

Boasting an impressive repertoire of essential fatty acids and oleic acid, avocado oil has been scientifically proven to promote collagen synthesis—the process of creating new connective skin tissue.

This process helps to repair wounds and scars, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and helps to promote a more plump, supple complexion.

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2. Manuka Honey

Native to New Zealand, manuka honey has long been touted for its impressive healing properties—and not just on the inside.

Manuka honey contains peptides, one of nature’s best-known collagen-boosting ingredients. Peptides are found in cells and tissue and act as a building block for collagen production by signalling to the body to produce more of it.

This can help to inhibit collagen loss, repair cellular damage and lessen scarring, owing to a more smooth complexion.

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3. Bee Venom

Clinically proven to improve facial wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging skin, bee venom has long been hyped as a powerful natural alternative to botox (beetox, anyone?).

Bee venom contains melittin, a powerful protein that increases blood circulation and signals to the inner layers of the skin to produce more elastin and collagen.

And as an added bonus, bee venom also helps to repair sun damage, dark spots and blemishes.

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The bottom line?

Collagen isn’t just another beauty buzzword. By boosting collagen production, you can be prepared to see tighter skin, smaller pores, and improved fine lines and wrinkles.

And with a wealth of natural collagen-stimulating ingredients, there has never been a better time to deliver collagen-boosting products to your skin naturally.

5 ways to buy natural, sustainable skincare

sustainable skincare

Shopping for natural, sustainable skincare doesn’t need to cost the earth. We only need to look in our own backyard for nourishing, ethically-sourced products for our skin.

Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals and animal testing and hello to natural, New Zealand-made nourishment with these 5 tips on how to buy natural, sustainable skincare.

1. Know your ingredients

When it comes to choosing natural ingredients for your body’s largest organ, there’s one simple question to ask yourself: would you eat it? Our skin absorbs what we put on it, so it’s important to choose ingredients that work naturally to enhance the texture, performance, and overall health of our skin.

Plant-based ingredients like manuka honey, carrot seed oil, and aloe vera contain powerful nutrients that work to naturally nourish the skin—and we’ve all heard of them. Read the label carefully and if there’s anything you don’t recognise, be sure to look them up on a credible cosmetics ingredients database.

2. Check for microbeads

Plastics and microbeads find their way from your scrubs and exfoliators into waterways and can end up doing serious damage to our oceans. Clouds of these tiny plastics settle on river beds and ocean floors. This has a damaging effect on marine life, making them an unsustainable choice for skincare.

Look for natural exfoliants like the crushed avocado seeds we’ve used in our natural Exfoliant. Naturally buff away dead skin cells, without harming our ocean life.

3. Look for cruelty-free

In 2015, New Zealand introduced a ban on animal testing of cosmetics, meaning all cosmetic products made within Aotearoa must be produced without animal testing. Products made overseas may still have been tested on animals, so buying New Zealand-made skincare is one of the safest ways to guarantee you’re buying cruelty-free.

The Avo Tree is against animal testing and is committed to being a cruelty-free* skincare brand. We never test our ingredients, prototypes, or finished products on animals and we ensure our suppliers uphold equal values and policies.

4. Shop recyclable and renewable packaging

One of the best ways to shop for sustainable skincare is to look for recyclable packaging or containers made from renewable sources. At The Avo Tree, sustainably-sourced packaging is important to us, which is why the pots for our Day Cream and Night Cream are made from 100% renewable sugarcane.

Each and every one of our skincare containers are recyclable, making The Avo Tree Skin a perfect way to shop for sustainable skincare.

5. Buy New Zealand-made skincare

The environmental impact of shopping local is immeasurable. Buying products from overseas means supporting the shipment and transport of that product, an industry with a large environmental footprint.

New Zealand is ranked 10th in the world for environmental sustainability measures. When you buy New Zealand-made, not only is transport significantly reduced, but you can be confident that world-class environmental standards were adhered to during its production.

Shop natural, sustainable skincare

Browse our range of natural, sustainable skincare made right here in Aotearoa. Plant-based, avocado oil-based, and vegan*, experience more nourishment with less harmful ingredients for dewy, glowing skin the natural way.

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*Eye Cream and Cream Cleanser contain bee bi-products.

Essential fatty acids and the benefits of avocado oil for skin

avocado oil for skin

The benefits of avocado oil for skin are endless, but you already know this. You’re no novice when it comes to skin health. You know your oils from your creams, your dry skin from your oily skin, your SPFs from your BHAs.

But what’s perhaps less well known is the slew of beauty benefits hidden inside the properties of essential fatty acids and the role they play in our skin health.

Unlock the benefits of avocado oil for skin and discover why you should make essential fatty acids part of your everyday skincare routine.

What are essential fatty acids?

Fatty acids are fats that can’t be naturally produced by the body, and yet play a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing. There are many different types of fatty acids, but the fats identified as being essential for humans are alpha-linolenic acid (AKA omega-3) and linoleic acid (AKA omega-6).

Why are essential fatty acids important?

Studies have shown that increasing the intake of omega-3s and omega-6s can improve our overall health, assist in treating certain diseases, improve our body composition, as well as mental and physical performance. When it comes to our skin health, essential fatty acids (or EFAs) make up the basic elements of our skin’s surface layer and help to produce a natural oil barrier—essential for hydrated, smooth, healthier-looking skin.

The benefits of avocado oil for skin

Composed of more than 60% of monounsaturated fats, avocado oil contains omega-3, omega-6, and a high level of omega-9. Omega-9, or oleic acid, promotes collagen production, which helps to generate new skin cells. This accelerates the skin’s natural healing processes to assist with the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage, leaving the skin with a plump, hydrated look and feel. A 2015 study also found that creams consisting of avocado oils had positive microbial effects.

Some of the powerful benefits of avocado oil for skin include:

  • Moisturises and nourishes dry or cracked skin
  • Improved hydration
  • Protection from environmental damage
  • A glowing, more dewy complexion
  • Relieves inflammation
  • Prevents and treats acne
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Treats sunburned skin
  • Reduces signs of aging

Which products contain essential fatty acids?

Avocado oil is the building block to our entire skincare range. We’ve combined the goodness of cold-pressed extra virgin avocado oil with a selection of the best natural ingredients to create a range of products that work with your skin’s natural properties to nourish, protect, and heal.

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7 powerful ways to lock in moisture for all skin types

lock in moisture for all skin types

Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin, keeping it clear and hydrated should be at the very top of your daily skincare to-do’s. Hydrated skin not only helps us keep acne at bay, adding to a healthier complexion, it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, owing to a more youthful, daylong glow.

Many of us lather ourselves in lotions and creams, only to have that instant feeling of hydrating replaced with either excessive dryness or unruly oiliness. Left scratching our heads, we’re forced to ponder—where is the Goldilocks zone? How many products do I need to use to lock in moisture and experience silky, hydrated skin all day long?

Here, we take the mystery out of skin hydration and break it down by skin type.

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Oily skin

Oily skin is defined by the excess of sebum, an oily, waxy substance produced by our body’s sebaceous glands. The key to our very own natural oils, sebum coats, moisturises, and protects our skin. Sounds harmless enough, but an overproduction of it can lead to breakouts, enlarged pores, and blackheads around the forehead, nose, and chin area (the T-zone). This is a sign of unbalanced skin.

How to lock in moisture for oily skin

A common mistake in the care for oily skin is to over-cleanse, stripping our skin of its natural oils and throwing them off balance. With the dryness and absence of oil, our skin starts pumping out even more oil to compensate, triggering further excess in oil production. The best defense is to use products that work alongside your skin’s natural oils, with balancing and moisturising properties.

Best products for oily skin

Cream Cleanser — Avocado Oil with Elderberry & Manuka Honey

This gentle, plant-based cream cleanser works to purify and restore skin of its natural moisture without stripping it of its natural hydrators.

Day Cream — Avocado Oil with Cucumber & Aloe Vera

Non-greasy and highly absorbent, this nourishing day cream harnesses the power of aloe vera to lock in all-day moisture.

Dry skin

People with dry skin tend to experience tightness, redness, and visible lines. This is primarily due to a lack of the skin’s outer layer to maintain stable moisture levels. When the weather is cold or dry, it’s not uncommon to experience dry, flaky skin on your face and neck. It’s also common to experience dryness as we get older and our body’s stop producing sebum, leading to increased water loss.

How to lock in moisture for dry skin

Using nourishing, hydrating products that leave the skin feeling deeply hydrated is key, but the trick is to not overdo it. Daily exfoliation is essential for sloughing away dead skin cells whilst helping to rebalance the skin’s natural oils, while a light day cream can help to restore your skin’s natural hydration balance.

Best products for dry skin

Facial Exfoliant — Avocado Oil with Kiwifruit & Ground Avocado Seed

With ground avocado seed to lift away dead skin cells, this gentle exfoliant harnesses the power of avocado oil to revive and nourish new skin beneath, while vitamin C-rich kiwifruit works to help balance your skin’s pH levels.

Night Cream — Avocado Oil with Carrot Seed Oil & Vinanza Performance Plus®

Intensely rejuvinating, this replenishing night cream boosts collagen and enhances your skin’s renewal processes while you sleep to help promote hydration and youthfulness. With Vinanza Performance Plus®, scientifically proven to improve moisture and reduce redness.

Combination skin

Combination skin is defined as dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone. People with combination skin can experience fluctuations in the levels of oils in their skin throughout the seasons. Typically, combination skin is characterised by dry skin on the cheeks, with excessive oil and shine in other areas.

How to lock in moisture for combination skin

It can be tricky to strike the right balance with combination skin. Go too far with the face creams and oils and you’ll set your skin’s natural oils off balance, while too little can lead to dryness. You’ll want to focus on products that improve your skin’s hydration and radiance, while balancing excess shine. Face oils work wonders here, with a pea-sized amount dabbed on after cleansing to set hydration levels for the day straight.

Best products for combination skin

Cream Cleanser — Avocado Oil with Elderberry & Manuka Honey

This gentle cleanser cleans is infused with moisture-balancing properties of Manuka honey and purifies while renewing moisture and radiance, sweeping away makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural hydrators.

Face Oil — Avocado Oil with Blackcurrant & Pear Extracts

Soothing blackcurrant works to prevent cell damage while brightening, leaving you with a healthy, energised complexion, while nutrient-rich avocado oil and pear join forces to help repair scars and reduce fine lines.


Add this 3 product trio to your skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin

When it comes to our daily skincare routine, there are two camps—those who opt for cream, and those who swear by oil. But Dermatologists have found that, when used in combination, cream and oil are a potent duo that both work to keep skin hydrated and healthy.

Creams and oils may have the same end goal, but they get there differently. While they’re both powerful moisturisers, they each work with the natural oils of our skin in different ways. A hydrating cream is more lightweight and tends to evaporate, while a face oil is thicker and acts as an occlusive, holding any active ingredients on the skin.

Derms recommend layering cream and oil to get better penetration of the active ingredients, producing faster hydration and anti-aging benefits. Here, we break down the best 3 product combo for your daily skincare routine to achieve healthy, glowy, and brighter skin.

Avocado Oil Facial Exfoliant

Facial Exfoliant

Avocado Oil with Kiwifruit & Ground Avocado Seed for Gentle Exfoliation

Buff away dullness to revive bright, healthy skin

Gently sweeping away dullness to revive bright, healthy skin, this non-abrasive exfoliator harnesses nature’s best botanicals to gently buff and brighten skin. Cold-pressed extra virgin avocado oil Vitamin C-rich Kiwifruit neutralises free radicals and fight dark spots, leaving you with a healthy, even-looking complexion that feels smoother and more alive.

How does it work in your daily skincare routine?

After cleansing, it’s important to be gentle on your skin with an exfoliator. Add a coin-sized amount to your hand and make small, circular motions using your finger to apply the exfoliant to your face and neck, and then rinse off with lukewarm water or a soft face cloth.

What’s inside?

Delivering a powerful line-up of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, D, E & K, ground avocado seeds help to lift away dead cells as you exfoliate. Avocado oil helps revive and nourish new skin beneath, while vitamin C-rich kiwifruit helps balance pH levels, leaving your skin with a healthy, dewy glow.

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Avocado Oil Day Cream

Day Cream

Avocado Oil with Cucumber & Aloe Vera for Daily Hydration 

Non-greasy and highly absorbent, this nourishing formula restores and protects for smoother, healthier skin. This light, hydrating facial cream helps strengthen and smooth, leaving you ready to face the day with healthier-looking skin that’s rejuvenated by nature.

How does it work in your daily skincare routine?

After cleansing, take a pea-sized amount, gently rub between your fingers, and apply to the face, massaging in a circular motion. Apply around the neck and work in an upward direction for maximum coverage and hydration.

What’s inside?

Powered by cold-pressed extra virgin NZ avocado oil (rich in vitamins A, D & E), this gentle day cream harnesses aloe vera to lock in hydration and cucumber to soften and soothe while naturally occurring antioxidants work to protect against free radicals.

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Avocado face oil

Face Oil

Avocado Oil with Blackberry & Pear for Instant Rejuvenation 

Loaded with a free-radical-fighting army of naturally active antioxidants, this protective face oil is the secret ingredient for a healthier, rejuvenated complexion. Nourishing and energising, this powerful face oil reduces fine lines and improves your complexion’s youthful appearance, leaving you with a healthy, energised complexion that’s radiantly refined.

How does it work in your daily skincare routine?

Best used in tandem with our Day Cream {link to product}, this nourishing face oil should be the last product you use before applying an SPF. Dab or pat a couple of drops into your skin to lock in the hydration of the day cream and restore the natural balance of your skin’s oils for all-day moisture.

What’s inside?

Nutrient-rich avocado oil and pear join forces to help repair scars, strengthen skin and reduce fine lines, while soothing blackberry helps prevent cell damage while brightening. The anti-inflammatory properties of red raspberry seed oil work to soothe symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

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Avocado oil: the science behind this miracle oil for skin

Avocado Oil Skincare

Is there anything this wonder fruit can’t do? Whether you smear it on a piece of toast or use its oil for cooking, the uses and benefits of avocados are endless. But it doesn’t stop there. As it turns out, avocado oil is a superfood for the skin. If the avocado is the wonder fruit, consider avocado oil the wonder juice.

As if you weren’t already avo-obsessed enough, dermatologists also swear by it. Keep reading to discover why avocado oil is a top-shelf ingredient for your overall skin health regime.

What is avocado oil?

At peak ripeness, avocados contain a high level of oils. This oil is then extracted from the pulp of the fruit, similar to the process of olive oil extraction. It’s edible both raw and cooked and is commonly used to treat skin conditions. Avocados act as a multivitamin super supplier (potassium, sodium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and K, folic acid, vitamin B6, and niacin), and the oil it produces has strong antioxidant properties and a high concentration of monounsaturated fat (the good kind).

Avocado oil for skin: passing fad or forever trend?

But doesn’t oil cause breakouts? We may have been taught from our adolescent years that oil is the enemy, but top dermatologists say an oil-based skincare routine isn’t just a passing trend. Oil actually absorbs oil, along with unwanted dirt and grime, and works in parallel with the natural oils of your skin to cleanse, clean, and nourish.

What are the benefits of avocado oil for skin?

A superfood for your skin, this miracle oil contains a whole line-up of vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fatty acids. When applied topically, avocado oil has the power to replenish and restore the natural beauty of your skin.

Provides rich hydration

Rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, plus beta carotene and oleic acid (to name just a few), this precious oil is best known for its incredible moisturising power. Its lightweight texture allows the enriching compounds of the oil to penetrate deep into the skin to support moisture balance, lock-in hydration, and promote bright and supple skin. All without leaving a greasy film on your face.

Anti-acne & anti-aging

The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamins C and E mean avocado oil is great for blemishes and acne-prone skin. And the anti-aging benefits are second to none thanks to an army of carotenoids and antioxidants. Naturally talented at neutralising free radicals, these potent nutrients help fight the signs of aging, like fine lines, uneven skin tone, and dark spots.

Accelerates wound healing

According to one study, the essential fatty acids and oleic acid found in avocado oil can promote collagen synthesis, which helps to create new connective tissue in the skin. It was also found to help reduce inflammation during the healing process.

Promotes collagen production

Collagen plays a major role in strengthening our skin, and may also benefit elasticity and hydration. The healthy fats found in avocado oil enhance cell turnover and boost collagen production. This allows for your skin to strengthen, heal, and rejuvenate itself, leaving you with your healthiest complexion, naturally.

Helps to treat scalp dryness

This potent oil has also been proven to boast fungicidal and antibacterial properties. This can majorly benefit skin conditions where there is an imbalance of the microbiome on the surface of the skin, such as seborrheic dermatitis which can manifest as scalp dryness/flakiness. Dermatologists have found that, when used in tandem with medications, the moisturising benefits of the oil can drastically help to relieve the symptoms of these conditions.

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